SEO, Drupal and WordPress. Oh my!

Ginger Wordle

This is a busy time at my job, so all my concentration is currently devoted to web development in one way or another. I’m currently involved in projects involving SEO in Drupal, building a fully customized mobile responsive theme in WordPress, and integrating the most current and interactive social media functionality into both platforms. When […]

First Google+, now Google Search PLUS Your World

Add GingerWench on Google+

Being a Libra is tough… I see both sides of every conflict, and go through a ‘weighing’ process that helps me to make informed and educated decisions. Having said that, I still don’t know how I feel about the integration of our personal data into our global search results. I’ll be researching this a bit […]

Tweets as Blog Posts. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

Stop looking for the easy way out

The functionality of today’s WordPress Plugins is amazing, it really is. Take for example many of the Twitter based plugins. Some make it possible to have each of your posts to Twitter also post to your blog. As a blog post. One Twitter post of up to 140 characters does not make a “content rich, […]

Overwhelmed by Social Media? Use the right tools for the job!


In today’s “Social Web” environment (formally known as ‘the Internet’), a small business needs more than just a web site to create an awareness of their product or service. Today, you need a ‘presence’ on the Internet that far exceeds the capabilities of a static web site. You’ve heard of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but you’re not really sure how any of them can actually help you. You’re not alone.

Why Mondays on the Social Web don’t suck

Mondays don't have to suck!

Few things follow you through childhood, right up through adulthood. One thing that hasn’t changed for me is my love for that sarcastic furry fatty, Garfield. I’ve owned his “Mondays Suck” posters, coffee mugs and t-shirts because I’m a believer… Mondays do suck. Well, they used to. I admit to having a slightly unique perspective, […]

Natural Evolution Vs. Stubborn Desires in Business and Web Design

31 Days to Build a Better Blog

As I prepare to participate in a group activity aimed at increasing blog traffic (for my own sites, and those I manage for clients), I find myself taking a lot of “deep cleansing breaths”.  As is often the case in any self-improvement activity, we’re required to take an introspective look at ourselves, our goals, and […]