Do you need a Facebook Page, or Group?

Facebook Page or Group?

One of the things that confuses people the most when they first start using Facebook to gain exposure for their business is the Profile/Page/Group dilemma. What’s the difference, and which one would serve your needs best? I’m going to do my best to answer this in the most simple terms, in regards to what you expect to gain from your Facebook activities.

Overwhelmed by Social Media? Use the right tools for the job!


In today’s “Social Web” environment (formally known as ‘the Internet’), a small business needs more than just a web site to create an awareness of their product or service. Today, you need a ‘presence’ on the Internet that far exceeds the capabilities of a static web site. You’ve heard of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but you’re not really sure how any of them can actually help you. You’re not alone.

New Customized Backgrounds for the New Twitter


Timing is everything, they say… well, it turns out that Twitter released their new layout just as I promised a new client a customized background graphic that would compliment her new site design. After some research, and a little help from my friends, the new layout wasn’t as difficult to work around as I first […]