Site Evaluation

The questionnaire below will allow us to evaluate your web project needs.  Please fill out the evaluation form to the best of your knowledge.  The more descriptive your answers, the better I will understand the extent of your project.  You only need to complete areas that are appropriate to your specific web project.

As always, the information you share with me will remain confidential.

  • Your full name
  • Your phone number, including area code format:(###)###-###
  • Let me know when the best time to call you is
    What time zone are you in?
  • Valid Email Address (I will be replying to this address, so please add to your list of accepted domains in your email client.)
  • If you have an exsisting domain, list it here
  • Business Info

    The following section will help me understand your business.
  • What is the name of your Business?
  • What position do you hold in the company listed above?
  • What industry are you in?
  • What do you do? (Services, products, etc.)
  • Project Goals

    The following section deals with the goals you have for your proposed project.
  • Pick the project that best matches your needs.
  • Describe your project in detail, including short and long term goals.
  • What is the budget of this project?
  • List the timeframe of your project
  • Describe your target audience to me
  • Your project's identity (brand) and design guidelines (colors, art, font styles, etc.) Give examples whenever possible.
  • Content

    The next section deals with the content of your site
  • What state of readiness is your textual content in?
  • Tell me about your image files
  • How often will you be adding content to your site?
  • What sections and/or pages will your site need to have? List them here, or compare your current site structure to what you would like it to be.
    Check off all the functions you need your site to have
  • Explain any of the functionality that you need your site to have, if it wasn't listed above. (Add details to the above functions if necessary as well.)
  • If you've already registered a domain name, list your registrar here.
  • If you already have a web host, list them here.
    I offer free hosting to my design/maintenance clients. If we work together, would you want to host with me?
  • Your turn to ask questions!

    The next (and final) section deals with additional information you want me to know, and questions you have for me.
  • If there's something I need to know about your project that I didn't ask about, tell me here.
  • If you have any questions about the design process, or how I conduct my business, ask away!
  • if you have logo or branding references to share, upload here