SEO, Drupal and WordPress. Oh my!

Ginger Wordle

This is a busy time at my job, so all my concentration is currently devoted to web development in one way or another. I’m currently involved in projects involving SEO in Drupal, building a fully customized mobile responsive theme in WordPress, and integrating the most current and interactive social media functionality into both platforms. When […]

One step forward…

Customized Studio Press Genesis Child Theme Minimum Pro

Tonight’s project was originally to open Photoshop, and have some fun making Halloween graphics to share on Twitter and Facebook. I often make wallpapers, and other goodies to share with my friends. As often happens though, I found myself looking for somewhere to upload the graphics that I hadn’t made yet, and remembered that I […]

Jeweled Heart .psd Photoshop Resource

TGIF - Even coffee doesn't make me miss you less. Bring on the weekend!

New found love is an exciting, and beautiful thing. So much so, that some find it difficult not to share their excitement! If you’re fortunate enough to find yourself in that position, feel free to use my jeweled heart to help express your feelings. This Photoshop Resource is free to use for personal and commercial use! If you’d like to be the first to see what I do with these elements, make sure to “Like” my Facebook page.