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How to work with me as your web designer – Time saving tips that help me work with my clients in the most efficient way to achieve the design you want for your site.

Should we build Social Media into your new site? – My thoughts on why using social media on your business web site is beneficial.

4 Easy Steps To Create a Facebook Fan Page with Admins (with screen shots- Today, I’m going to take you through setting up a Facebook Page for your business, so that I can implement your “brand” (and manage the Page for you if that’s what you contracted me for) through Page Profile image, thumbnail, and search-able text that will help others on Facebook find you. Don’t worry, I’ve made it “4 steps” easy for you, and I’ll never have access to your personal Facebook profile! :)

Overwhelmed by Social Media? Use the right tools for the job! – In today’s “Social Web” environment (formally known as ‘the Internet’), a small business needs more than just a web site to create an awareness of their product or service. Today, you need a ‘presence’ on the Internet that far exceeds the capabilities of a static web site. You’ve heard of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but you’re not really sure how any of them can actually help you. You’re not alone.

Easily add music to your WordPress posts with the Grooveshark plugin – All in all, it’s a great plugin, and I would imagine that it’s going to be very popular with music blogs. Who knows, I may work for a musician some day, and I’ll be glad to have this lil treasure in my stash!

Google Page Rank vs. IMVU Tiers – Overall, there is very little difference between Google PR and IMVU Tiers from my perspective. Monitoring my progress in both is how I remain focused on my goals, both short term, and big picture.

How does Traffic Affect My Hosting? – This article focuses on ONE topic, traffic, and the effects it has on your web site’s hosting. The simple one word answer here is ‘Bandwidth’.