It’s been a while since I updated this, and a lot of things have changed so here’s the short version:

  • I accepted a job with NYS as a web developer in May,2012. I work with a talented team creating and maintaining the web sites of our Governor. As such, I’ve worked many hours in crisis mode, helping to get important information out to NY’rs who are suffering through the aftermath of Super Storm Sandy. I love my job, and gain much satisfaction on several levels from the work I do.
  • Through several personal social experiments, I’ve decided that I’m happiest without a life partner right now. I was married for 23 years. Been there, done that, time to just enjoy being ME now.
  • My daughters are both in college now! They are both very intelligent, talented lil women that I’m so incredibly proud of. I’m dedicating myself to doing everything I can to make sure they are able to take advantage of every opportunity that comes their way.
  • Chronic pain is a part of my daily life, and it’s exhausting. Although I refuse to let it define me in any way, it’s only fair to make sure that those around me are aware of what I deal with, as a way of understanding certain eccentricities they may notice about me.
  • If I don’t keep a high level of caffeine flowing through my veins, I get killer migraines that shut me down a day at a time. Good thing I’ve enjoyed the nectar of the Gods (coffee) for so long lol!
  • I’m a smoker, get over it. I’m considerate of others, and I don’t allow it to intrude or effect my work or relationships. This is my life, I’m living it. If this offends you, I welcome you to stay far away.
Bragging rights
Mom to twins in college, internet addict, redhead through and through.


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