SEO, Drupal and WordPress. Oh my!

This is a busy time at my job, so all my concentration is currently devoted to web development in one way or another. I’m currently involved in projects involving SEO in Drupal, building a fully customized mobile responsive theme in WordPress, and integrating the most current and interactive social media functionality into both platforms. When I type it out it seems like a lot, and that’s just what I do between the daily maintenance involved with managing several sites in active development.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’m the only one working on these projects, not at all. (Well, I am the only developer working on the WordPress project, but this is the first project of it’s type.) Normally, though, and for 90% of the projects I work on, I’m only a ¬†small part of a talented team that works to keep up with a high volume of site building and maintenance. To say that we deal with near impossible deadlines at a moment’s notice would be quite the understatement.

The only reason I bring up my work here is because it may help you understand why I seem to spend so much time on social media sharing research on design and development. Thanks to the network of developers and other industry folk that I’ve gathered in my Twitter and Facebook feeds, I’m able to find quality information that helps me deal with the demands of my job. When I share my resources, it’s my way of paying it forward, sharing in return – with gratitude.

I also use my Facebook wall, and my Tweets as bookmarks of the resources I’ll need to refer to later. Everybody wins! :)

Ginger WordleOne of the most distracting resources I found today was I plugged my blog URLs into it, and was really kind of surprised at what I found. Wordle will return a “word cloud” to you, showing you which terms are used most on your site… the larger the word, the more often it appears on your pages. Go on, plug your site URL in, I bet there will be a surprise or two in there for you!

The Wordle cloud I’m using as the image for this site was made specifically for use as my Facebook Page cover photo, it wasn’t generated from any of my sites, JSYK.

It was an interesting exercise, one which could come in very handy if you’re interested in focusing your content on a certain topic. How focused is your site? Are you spending too much time on a topic that isn’t relevant to your site’s main purpose?

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