Self-Indulgence, or Brand Loyalty?

An OLD mixed media wallpaper I made using my Poser art.

An OLD mixed media wallpaper I made using my Poser art.

Normally, I post my random thoughts and minor rants to Facebook and/or Twitter. Today, I found myself thinking about something interesting and wondering what others thought, so by instinct (I suppose), I thought about posing a question on my wall… but wait… it would be a long post of just text that I wasn’t sure I wanted to make my friends endure. So, remembering that I have a blog for that stuff, here I am, aren’t you lucky!  :-P

As I was switching my laundry over from washer to dryer and throwing in the Bounce dryer sheets, I smiled, enjoying the scent and made a mental note not to feel guilty for spending more on the brand name sheets simply because I liked the smell. I considered it a bit of a ‘self-indulgence’, a treat, a guilty pleasure.

It made doing the laundry less of a chore. It makes putting the laundry away enjoyable. I love picking out my clothes in the morning, and smelling that fresh scent, it helps me wake up in a good mood, and makes me smile through the morning routine that I otherwise would detest.

Follow along with the way my mind works. This experience led to my next thought… is it really “self-indulgent” to buy something that you love, or is it an example of Brand Loyalty? (I work on a design team that establishes branding for their clients, cut me some slack, ok?)

I don’t consider myself loyal to the Bounce brand, not at all. As a single mom with twins in college, I’m in the habit of using coupons, and usually settle for the most economic alternatives to my favorite brands.

However! (Saw that coming, right?)

Last time I was grocery shopping, I remembered that I had found an e-coupon (digital Mom here, I prepare for such events using my Galaxy SIII, TYVM)  for Bounty dryer sheets, and there was a store special on them to boot! I remember feeling like my ‘extreme couponing’ friends would be so proud of me for being aware enough to orchestrate such a WIN. My favorite dryer sheets, for LESS than the store brand, yeah, I was shopping like a BOSS that day.

So, really… it wasn’t even self-indulgence now that I think about it, not with the double couponing win being the catalyst. But, I know myself well enough to realize and remember that I have bought Bounce dryer sheets in the past without a coupon, simply because I wanted to treat myself to the pleasant experience described earlier.

(I’m a Libra, can you tell?)

So I ask you…

Is buying something you enjoy simply because you want to an example of self-indulgent behavior, or could it be argued as a form of Brand Loyalty?

Personally, I don’t care if you view self-indulgence with a negative connotation… buying the things I enjoy simply because I want to treat myself is something I do, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

I think it would make an interesting marketing study though.


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    I see your point and agree both ways. It is not necessarily self indulgent or exhibiting brand loyalty. With dryer sheets specifically I will agree that the generic is not the same. I too enjoy that blast of freshness from the dryer. Especially when you climb into bed at night and the sheets smell good, or (my favorite) when you walk down your street and smell the neighbors doing their laundry. I am rambling.
    It is somewhat self indulgent to prefer the national brand simply for the sake of brand name. It is something entirely different to choose it based purely on preference to the product. In that case it is brand loyalty. You tried the others and this particular brand has proven itself to you so you stick by it. I know people who do it all the time with electronics or automobiles. They have always done right by you, so you support them by purchasing their product.
    More power to you if you can cash in on a bargain!

    • says

      Dude, you totally get me! LOL Good to hear from you, I miss working with you and the rest of the crew.

      OMG! The outdoor thing? When neighbors dryers are running? ME TOO! LOL

      You know, it’s funny… as I was thinking about all this, still putting laundry in the dryer – planning this post, and how it was really about marketing in a backwards kind of way – my initial thought was about how it all seemed so ‘female-centric’, I mean, laundry, couponing, etc…. then I thought, no, I know men that would post/comment about laundry… and how those men would belong to the shrinking pool of ‘dateable’ men.

      Yes, I know, my thought process is strange. LOL Needless to say, you’re a cool dude Mr. Monster, say hello to the wife and hug that gorgeous daughter for me! I look forward to your blog posts, and pictures!

      • says

        I clearly did not have the notifications set up on my phone on this and, 3 months later, just realized you replied. Not trying to snub you.
        I miss working with everyone too. I cannot beleive it’s been over a year, more for you. I was just thinking a “look back” might be in order for a blog entry.
        Hope all is well, keep up the great work. You were always very supportive of my blogging and I know I have fallen off. Thank you!

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