Jeweled Heart .psd Photoshop Resource

Sometimes it’s just easier to collect, and use the .psd resources shared so freely by other talented graphic artists. This is why I’ve tried to share as many resources as I think may be useful to others. The “Jeweled Heart” below is something I made the other night while working on a special, and very personal project.

New found love is an exciting, and beautiful thing. So much so, that some find it difficult not to share their excitement! If you’re fortunate enough to find yourself in that position, feel free to use my jeweled heart to help express your feelings. This Photoshop Resource is free to use for personal and commercial use! If you’d like to be the first to see what I do with these elements, make sure to “Like” my Facebook page.

Here is an example of a tag I made using the .psd download offered here, download the .psd file here :

TGIF - Even coffee doesn't make me miss you less. Bring on the weekend!

Made with Facebook posting in mind. Share with your friends when you’re celebrating the fact that Friday, and the weekend has finally arrived! Download the .psd here.

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