In Social Media, think “Opportunity” not “Challenges”

Social Media Maven - curator of today's top Social Media news, tips and tricksIt’s 9am on a Saturday. I’m just getting comfortable in my 10yr old leather computer chair which also happens to be  the only chair in my house that I’m comfortable in due to some old back injuries. I had just realized that it was time to make another fresh cup of coffee in my beloved Keurig machine, when I noticed my cell had a text message.

So begins another weekend of doing what I love… managing social media for a growing small business, tweaking web designs, creating marketing campaigns, and whatever else I couldn’t finish that week in a bustling office atmosphere. I look forward to sitting down for a few hours at home on the weekend and delving into projects requiring focus and concentration.

I’ve been given the opportunity to create an interactive social network for a tightly knit, niche target market. At first, it looked a little more like a challenge to hurdle… how do I curate a very diverse group that share a very narrow, niche interest? But after some thought, and applying some of my past experiences as a New Media Specialist, I came to see that what I was facing was actually an incredible and rare opportunity.

Details, of course are confidential, but the theory and mindset are (or should be) common knowledge. Social Media is a historical opportunity. Never before have we as a society had an opportunity to communicate so freely with such a vast and global audience. When you decide to see that as a golden opportunity to create positive PR for your brand, you understand that it could also mean a detrimental amount of bad PR if managed poorly.

The positive opportunities of utilizing Social Media to strengthen your brand’s identity far outweigh the possible opportunities that land on the negative side because you allowed them to. Perhaps you approached them as challenges?

I’m not saying it’s easy to turn every situation into an opportunity, not at all. Sometimes it’s incredibly difficult to find the right balance between opportunity and challenge.

I’m finding that balancing act to be what I enjoy most about Social Media. Every potential challenge that I’m able to turn into a great opportunity is a win for me, and for society’s perception and understanding of Social Media.

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