Inspirations Desktop Wallpaper

While I was catching up on some blogging work last night, I caught something in my Twitter stream that intrigued me enough to click.

[blackbirdpie id="40313142789681152"]

This ‘list’ inspired me to make a desktop wallpaper.


Well, I went and checked the original source of the ‘list’, and caught myself thinking that I’d like to print it out so I could frame it. I like having inspirational sayings around to keep me grounded in reality and focused on my goals.

My favorite lesson from John C Jay’s list is number 8:

Instinct and intuition are all-powerful. Learn to trust them.

Here’s a preview of the Wallpaper on my Desktop. Notice the weather gadget. It’s all of 3 degrees! Brr!

screenshot Inspirations Desktop Wallpaper

1366x768 High Resolution Desktop Wallpaper

To download the High Res full size version, click on over to my new forums, I’ve posted it here.

Oh yeah, I started a forum for my friends, clients and social networking buddies. It’s all of two days old, and since I’m still organizing and posting the initial content, it’s in what I like to call a “soft launch” mode. Go on over and become one of the first members to join… it’s not every day you get in on the ground floor of a forum family! ;)


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