4 Easy Steps To Create a Facebook Fan Page with Admins (with screen shots)

One of the services I offer my small business clients is creating Social Networking pages that match their sites. Today, I’m going to take you through setting up a Facebook Page for your business, so that I can implement your “brand” (and manage the Page for you if that’s what you contracted me for) through Page Profile image, thumbnail, and search-able text that will help others on Facebook find you.

*The process below assumes that you already have a personal Facebook account. If you don’t, you’ll need to create that first.

Don’t worry, I’ve made it “4 steps” easy for you, and I’ll never have access to your personal Facebook profile! :)

Before you’re able to make me an Admin on your page, you’ll need to send me a “Friend Request”.

Once you’ve received notice that I’ve accepted your Friend Request, you’re ready to start by following the 4 easy steps below. I’ve included screen shots to make it *super* easy! (If you’re somewhat familiar with Facebook Pages, you’ll probably be able to manage this by simply checking out the pictures.)

Step 1: Create A Facebook Page

Easy 4 step tutorial on creating a Facebook Page with Admins

Choose a category for your Facebook page using these guidelines.

Click the image above to go to Create a Facebook Page. If you have trouble deciding what category best fits your page, Facebook wrote a note that will help you! Once you’ve chosen your category, enter your company name (or product or website), whatever you type here will be the Title of your page. Choose carefully, as this cannot be changed! (Well, maybe… if you know Mark Z. personally. And he likes you. A LOT.)

* Actually, there is a way to change the name of your page, but I *strongly* recommend you don’t. The name of your page is part of the URL, so if/when you change the name, all of the links (and bookmarks) sending you traffic will result in an error. Don’t make people search for you and possibly find someone else!

If you’re not sure what to name your page, think about the discussions we’ve had regarding your “brand” and Search Engine Optimization Key Words. ;)

Once you’ve decided on your page’s name, click “Get Started”…. which is funny, because you’re almost done!

Step 2: Edit Page

Edit your newly created Facebook Page

"Edit Page" link on the left

Once you click “Get Started”, you’ll be taken directly to your new Facebook page! It’s blank, but it’s created. Look at the left-hand column, and find the “Edit Page” link directly underneath where the pretty page graphic that I make for you is going to go. ;)

Don’t worry about filling in all the missing information on your newly created Facebook page. As part of your page set up, I fill that information in for you. I use keywords throughout the text included on your Info Tab that will help prospective customers find you when they perform a search on Facebook. Lucky for you, I do this in a way that doesn’t make you sound like a stuttering fool.

(Some “Search Engine Optimization Experts” like to repeat key words for ‘weight’ without any consideration for the ‘readability’ of the text they’re corrupting. I practice something I like to refer to as “Organic SEO”. Simply stated, I use genuine verbiage that is relevant to your site. By the time I’m done, your page will offer prospective followers exactly what they need to know about you, and they won’t be annoyed by nonsensical, repetitive garbage text that makes you seem like you’re talking to a deaf person.)

Step 3: Manage Admins

Managing Admins on your Facebook page

Click "Manage Admins"

Once again, you’re going to ignore all those blank text fields. I’ll fill those out for you. (Isn’t it nice not to have to worry about this stuff when you have someone like me working for you?)

Focus on that left-hand column again. Click on the “Manage Admins” link and you’ll be whisked away to the next step.

Yes, you heard that right… you’re almost to the forth and final step! This isn’t as scary as you thought it would be, is it? ;)

* Although you’re not going to bother with them now, take note of the other links on this page. If for any reason you decide that you want to make changes to the text that appears on the Info Tab, or maybe implement a Facebook Ad, you’ll use the links on this page to do so.

I strongly recommend that as the page owner, you analyze my performance in administering your page by clicking the “Insights” link. When you’re ready, we’ll set up a meeting to discuss this further. There is a treasure trove of information there that will help us to make any necessary adjustments to your page’s use.

Step 4: Assign Admin

How to Assign Admin to your Facebook Page

Enter my name (Ginger Wench) in the blank text field where it says "Start typing a name or email".

When you clicked “Manage Admins” you were taken to the page in the screen shot above. The first admin listed is automatically the page owner. That’s you! Move along, nothing to see here. ;)

The second box will be blank. Click inside the text box, and start typing my name as “Ginger Wench”. I predict that you’ll get to around “Ging…” when magically, Facebook will pull up my profile (unless you happen to have a lot of friends named Ginger, I will probably be the only one lol). Choose my name, or continue typing. Either way, you should end up with my profile picture and name listed as the second admin.

Click “Save Changes”. This will send me a notification that you’ve made me an Admin on your Facebook page.

Guess what?

You’re done!

I will take care of everything from this point on! We’ll talk more about the importance of your personal participation on the page, but for now you can sit back, and enjoy knowing that your business (or product, or website etc.) can now play in the big pond with all the big fish, because YOU TOO have a Facebook Page! Yay! :)

Visit my Facebook page to get an idea of what they can look like, and see how I use them. Don’t forget to click the “Like” button so you’re able to see my updates and resource links. (I give away free desktop wallpapers exclusive to my Facebook Followers, did you know that?)

Is there an aspect of setting up your business’ Facebook page that I didn’t address here? If so, please leave a comment below. Believe it or not, I do my best to keep my posts short and scan-able… in the process I sometimes forget things… I realize this lol, so don’t be shy!


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    Sounds good to me! It made a lot of sense and was easy to follow and had a little humor tossed in! Good job. This should definitely help out your clients. You should also be able to refer a lot of SITStas and Blog Froggers to this post too…I always see questions about how to start a FB page on there!

    • says

      Hey there, Shelley! Thanks so much for taking the time to check this tutorial out. I hope it comes in handy for anyone that's been putting off making a Facebook page… for some reason, lots of people find the whole process confusing.
      *waves back* :)
      My recent post Seasonal Winter Wallpaper

  2. says

    I have bookmarked your page in delicious as a reference for future posts. Great job making a tutorial. The process of setting things up is confusing to most people. There are so many options. What they need is a simple setup and once they are more comfortable they can change things.

  3. says

    Thanks for the Delicious Bookmark, Eileen! Please do feel free to share it with anyone that's missing out on all that viral Facebook traffic for such a silly reason… even a bare bones plain Jane page would bring more hits to a site than they're getting without it!

    I'm hoping that this alleviates the anxiety that so many feel and gets them to the point of realizing that it's not all that difficult after all ;)
    My recent post Natural Evolution Vs Stubborn Desires in Business and Web Design

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