New Customized Backgrounds for the New Twitter

Timing is everything, they say… well, it turns out that Twitter released their new layout just as I promised a new client a customized background graphic that would compliment her new site design. After some research, and a little help from my friends, the new layout wasn’t as difficult to work around as I first thought.

Below, find the first two “New Twitter” background designs I’ve completed. As I test more, and *if* Twitter decides to roll out this layout with changes to the current version, I will be able to easily adjust. There’s a little less room for that all important branding, but as usually happens with artistic folks, we simply become more creative.

If your Twitter account needs a bit of a “face lift”, why not get yourself a new background to go with the “new Twitter”? Contact me to discuss your vision for your Twitter homepage by filling out this form, or contact me on Twitter or Facebook. As always, I invite your feedback… leave a comment on this post and let me know what you think!

Update: Customized Twitter backgrounds for the #NewTwitter are on sale through October 31st, 2010! [more info]

#newtwitter background image @sandy_sparkles

Sandy Sparkles new Twitter background. Click to view the full size screenshot. 1280x768 resolution


#newtwitter background image for @wwginger

GingerWench Twitter background. Click to view full screenshot. 1280x768 resolution


  1. says

    I agree but you are looking the background where as if you check the new features its cool, everything under one place.
    Man I can see all my photos and videos from one place itself.
    Another thing I never had a background image :-) so i had no issues. Hope someone will come up with something creative about the background.

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