WordPress plugin updates bring CommentLuv to IntenseDebate

The past week has been rather busy for WP plugin developers. I’ve seen updates to several of the plugins I use to manage sites using WP as a CMS, including NextGen Gallery, All in One SEO, IntenseDebate, and SexyBookmarks.

Update Details

  • NextGen Gallery:  V1.4.1 bug fixes [details]
  • All in One SEO: 1.6.8 – Fix empty delimiter bug, improved memory resources used. (Don’t forget to reactivate!)
  • IntenseDebate: v2.5 improvements and bug fixes [details]
  • SexyBookmarks: v2.6.0.1 (rollback due to v2.6.0 issues)  I found DesignBump to available sites to include (Yay!)

CommentLuv available for IntenseDebate

CommentLuv integrates with IntenseDebate for powerful comments!I was lucky enough to beta test the CommentLuv plugin for IntenseDebate, and I’ve got to say that it worked without issue. After helping Andy test it, and get the placement tweaked, I’ve got to say that I’m very happy with the integration! IntenseDebate added the CommentLuv plugin to their offerings this week, so if you haven’t checked it out yet, here are some reasons that you may want to do so:

  • IntenseDebate offers your commentators the ability to gain exposure to their Twitter ID, FaceBook ID, OpenID, or their IntenseDebate ID. They get to choose which profile to comment under, or they can simply choose to comment as a guest. Those of us interested in branding ourselves appreciate the option.
  • Unlike other popular comment plugins, IntenseDebate removes the “rel=nofollow” attribute from the links included in comments. This means that the links to your commentators latest blog posts through CommentLuv will offer the linkback to their sites that just may entice more people to comment on your blogs! Add this to the branding opportunity of the ID login system, and you’ve got a great combo to offer your visitors. :)
  • When you install the IntenseDebate comment plugin, you should deactivate the regular CommentLuv WP plugin, and instead activate CommentLuv directly through your IntenseDebate account. This means that you have one less plugin running off your WP install. With the improvements made to IntenseDebate this week, the load time is not an issue at all, so you save on load time all the way around. Andy explains it here.
  • IntenseDebate and WordPress have common developers. They were meant to work together ;)

Security Reminder

Remember what we learned this past September… keeping your WordPress install updated to the latest version is the best way to keep it secure! The same goes for your plugins. After all, if the plugin developers are willing to update the code for us in order to help us keep secure, why wouldn’t you take advantage of that? I appreciate all the time and effort it takes to keep a plugin compatible with all the core WordPress updates, as well as the security fixes when a vulnerability is discovered… so I update my sites (and my client sites) ASAP. In doing so, I also try to provide the plugin devs with feedback and bug reports… a very small “something” I can do to give back to the community that has provided us with such a great platform to work with!


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      You'll have to deactivate the CommentLuv you're using now, then update your install of IntenseDebate, and log into your IntenseDebate account to activate the CommentLuv plugin there. They make it all pretty easy… lemme know how you make out with it! :)


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