Both WP sites downtime on eve of Oct. 9 – Oct. 10

I was making some great progress updating my sites last night. When I got around to updating my Casual Games site, I realized that the affiliate RSS plugin that generated automatic blog posts was no longer working. The BigFishGames plugin hadn’t worked since September 27th.

WordPress sites go down

A quick look around proved that the plugin wasn’t working for anyone else that uses it either, so I went in search of an RSS plugin that could possible replace it. I understand that unethical bloggers would use such a plugin to scrape content for their splogs, but there are legitimate uses for such things.

When I opened the dashboard of my self hosted WordPress, I noticed that it was running really slow. Then I saw the same error in all the dashboard panels that pull information from the WordPress.Com site:

Fatal error: Class ‘SimplePie_Cache’ not found in …/wp-includes/class-feed.php on line 6

I had run across references to a SimplePie plugin that would serve my purpose, but it wasn’t being supported by it’s developer. I was surprised to see a reference to “SimplePie_Cache”, being used to pull info from RSS feeds into the panels in our dashboards.

I learned a couple of things at this point… Even WordPress itself uses the functions available in the SimplePie coding, AND there had to be a functioning copy of the WP plugin somewhere.

After a little Googling, I did find a record of the SimplePie Plugin that was being maintained. With all the problems I had with the Internet last night, I haven’t had the chance to try it yet, but today is looking more promising.

I may just have to post new games manually. *The Horror!*


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