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Over a year ago, a new comment plugin for WordPress called CommentLuv spread throughout the WordPress community like wildfire. Why? For the first time, we were able to encourage visitors to comment by offering them a link back to their latest blog post, neatly placed under their comment. All automatically embedded into the comment area through the plugin.

Encourage comments with CommentLuv

Well, that was a year ago. Fast forward to, and you have a plugin that’s morphed into a powerful tool for bloggers using WordPress, and Blogger. It works fine on your self hosted WordPress blog, as long as you don’t have link tracking activated on your FeedBurner Feeds (if you use those). I haven’t seen any mention of CommentLuv being made available on blogs yet, and from what I can tell of the Blogger blogs that use it, they’re still working the bugs out of that one.

I’ve liked the idea of CommentLuv ever since it was originally developed, and I hope to keep it activated on this site. You are supposed to be able to continue to use your FeedBurner feeds, you just have to deactivate the link tracking. The one stumbling block I found on the way to making CommentLuv work for me, was that the effects of the changes made to my FeedBurner link tracking don’t effect comments made prior to the change, so you have to post a new comment to test it out.


That’s easy enough to do… but here on my own blog, CommentLuv was *still* not recognizing me as a registered member of the site (even though I had registered, and commented on that site with a successful CommentLuv link). Turns out, because I was signed into my blog as the Administrator, the plugin was looking at my profile to check what site to pull links from. In my profile, I had listed my site as “” instead of “”. The missing “www” was preventing the CommentLuv plugin from matching me to my registered information on their site. Lesson learned!

So, if you decide to encourage your visitors to comment on your posts with return links through CommentLuv, make sure that you register the same information showing on your blog’s profile. ;)

One thing I still have to research is the “no follow” tag that WordPress automatically places on links in comments. We used to have to use yet another plugin to strip those tags out of the CommentLuv links. As soon as I find out, I will post the information on the “no follow” tag in regards to the use of the CommentLuv plugin. :)


  1. says

    not everyone wants dofollow to be done automatically when they install CommentLuv so I took that bit out due to the amount of automated spam bots that trawl for dofollow links.

    if you want to use dofollow, I recommend Lucia Linky Love plugin.
    .-= Andy Bailey´s last blog .. =-.

  2. says

    Hi, I am new at this blogging stuff. I just got started with wordpress and I am learning a lot about the different plugin such as “dofollow, commentluv and keywordluv.

    I happy I came accross your site. Very informative.

    Ps. Will bookmark your site and I’ll be back.

    Thanks again.
    .-= Gigi @ the history of kwanzaa´s last blog .. =-.

  3. says

    Even though commentluv is a good addon, I feel its nonetheless a arguable matter that nofollow hyperlinks truly count. Generally it virtually appears as if it is determined by the site; if its a nothing website then the nofollowed hyperlink is almost meaningless, but when its from a excessive authority site (such as hubpages or ezine articles for example), then it may be fairly sweet although to achieve any PR increase you will want dofollow links.

  4. says

    I have been using commentluv and believe my traffic has increased with many back links,take time and apply commentluv,you will have the best results.Thanks for the information.

  5. says

    Yeah I agree that this is really a beutiful solution for both blog owners and commentators as I, too do not like to reply to comments where I have to say “Hi home insurance” to adress the commentor …

  6. Danezza says

    It' indispensably not arguable issue cos among all plug-ins commentluv really offers lot of gracious benefits. I can really testify to it cos I've using commentluv for a couple of year and hence I can really have lots of benefits on it. I recommend it to everybody.:)
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  7. says

    CommentLuv is great and everything but when I started to get a lot of spam comments and the links became NoFollow, I deactivated it. Instead I installed the DoFollow plugin to reward people who comment in my blogs.

  8. says

    I’ve been using CommentLuv on all my blogs for over a year now and things have been pretty good in terms of the quality and amount of comments that I get. In terms of the NoFollow, yes the links are NoFollow so if you want to focus more on SEO might want to do just install a DoFollow plugin instead.

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