Blast from the past

Winning EntryAs I was conducting some SEO research today, I found an announcement of a digital art contest I won (placed) in several years ago. I got a kick out of seeing the Star Trek photo manipulation I did way back when I was still using PaintShopPro! LOL

Yes. I know. But I’ll never be a red shirt! :P

I also found a ton of my old articles, written way back when I was focused on Business Coaching. I’ll be busy updating those to reflect current trends in topics such as Branding, Social Networking, Web Design, and Marketing your business on the Internet. (I hate to even type those words knowing that sploggers, and spammers are going to find me now… one of the main reasons I took my Design business “Private” years ago.)

Since I’m clearly focused on the Digital Art side of Web Design these days, don’t be surprised to see articles focusing on that topic as well. If I can find some of my old PSP tutorials, I’ll post those as well.

It was amusing to see that this site is ranked #1 on Google for the search term “Custom Design and Digital Art”. I guess all that ‘silly SEO’ stuff I do works whether I’m paying attention or not! ;) I laughed with a client of mine earlier today about how my personal sites suffer due to how busy they keep me with their projects.

Maybe they don’t suffer as much as I thought!


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