Geocities closing causes busy design summer

With the announcement that Geocities will no longer be available for domain hosting, I’ve been seeing a lot of inquiries about moving sites to new hosting. The phrase “While we’re at it, I also need…” is all too common these days.


I’m thrilled that I’m receiving so many inquiries, but I wasn’t ready for it. I’ve fixed that though, by adding a “Site Evaluation” form here to help me understand your needs better, starting with our very first contact! If you feel overwhelmed with the amount of information required to fill out that form, just remember that the more complete your answers are, the easier it will be for me to accurately identify your needs.

In the spirit of saving some time, I’ll answer a few “Frequently Asked Questions” here for you that I’ve heard a lot over the past few weeks.

Q: Do you offer hosting?

A: Yes, I include hosting of your sites when you contract me for monthly site maintenance. When you contract with me to maintain your site on (at least) a monthly basis, I will host your site for you at no additional charge. If you don’t require my web site maintenance services, but I design your site for you, I will host your site for $10/month. Please note that I do not offer hosting for non clients.

Q: Can you move my existing web site for me?

A: After you contract me to do so, yes, I can move your site to my hosting or any hosting service of your choice. You will need to provide me the information required to do so, but please only do that once we’ve agreed to contractual terms. I prefer to work with sites that will be hosted on my server due to my familiarity with it’s functionality, and my confidence in it’s security and programming. My agreement to work with another host depends solely on my familiarity with them.

I know that’s only a few items, so if I haven’t covered the question on your mind, feel free to contact me, or comment here on the blog. I’d be happy to help you create, maintain, or move your site!


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