New design and digital art site

Now that my personal blog is set up the way I wanted it, it’s time to get a site set up to focus on my design work and digital art. Of course, I will wind up posting about my WordPress adventures here as well. I have needed a mainstream site to present to design clients, so that will be the focus of this site.

I hope to include a gallery of my best work in digital art, so that I don’t have to send clients to my DeviantArt page. I’ve always felt strongly about controlling my content on my own hosted site. If something were to happen to DeviantArt, I would hate to lose all that work.

Along with WordPress development and maintenance, I hope to focus on search engine optimization, and marketing commercial sites. As in the past, I will enable my design clients to maintain an understanding of what it takes to create and continually build an effective web presence. Expect articles and tutorials on SEO, newsletter management, and social networking.


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