Disclosure Policy Plugin fatal error in WP 2.6

I just tried to install the Disclosure Policy Plugin in WP v2.6 and received a fatal error. I was happy to see that WP stopped the attempt, with no damage done to the database. I’m hoping that this trackback to the plugin authors page will nudge a response as to whether there will be any updates to the plugin. If not, perhaps a simple edit to the download page will be made. It would be greatly appreciated! :)

I did a search in the WP Plugin directory for the Disclosure Policy Plugin, but got no results. The search function there never seams to work for me. If I get any results at all, it seams to be the exact same list as the “Most Popular” plugins list. *sigh* It wasn’t until I did a Google search that I found the plugin on the WP site.

# Version: 1.0
# Other Versions »
# Last Updated: 2007-8-15
# Requires WordPress Version: 2.0 or higher
# Compatible up to: 2.2

So much for that! I was following the links on a great article by Lorelle about copyright when I started running into the same issue with all the plugins related to copyright. None of them have been updated for quite some time.

With the search function being so weird on the WP Extend site, I’m having trouble finding anything other than the Creative-Commons-Configurator WordPress Plugin, which is also no longer being supported.

I found (through Google, not the WP extend search function) the creative commons license widget which shows the following stats:

# Version: 0.7
# Other Versions »
# Last Updated: 2008-7-22
# Requires WordPress Version: 2.0.2 or higher
# Compatible up to: 2.5
# Author Homepage »

While I’m not terribly fond of the CC license verbiage (I would prefer the word “all” to their “Some” rights reserved blurb), I did decide to try the widget out of desperation. There simply isn’t an alternative that I’m aware of. Even though it’s listed as being compatible up to only v2.5, the latest update was done only five days ago, so I kept my fingers crossed that it would work in 2.6. As you can see in my sidebar, the widget worked. *whew*

I’ve still got so much work to do here. Disclaimers, policies, terms. A girl’s just not allowed to be lazy these days!


  1. says

    Hi Giner,

    First of all thanks for use CCLicense Plug-in and test it in WP 2.6, there is not a big complex engine inside, so I am pretty sure, that it will work properly even in future WP versions.

    Finally, just a friend recommendation. Me and other WP plug-in authors are custom to collaborate with the community, so if you leave a comment with your request at WordPress.org or at Plug-in home page, you will see that most of us are really committed with our contribution and we will try to help you as much as possible.

    About “All rights” instead of “Some rights”, this comment should be submitted to Creative Commons team, they decided “Some”.

    Kind regards,

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    Hi there, Lcflores :)

    Thanks for the heads up on leaving comments for the plugin authors on WordPress.org. I don’t always log in when I go there, so don’t see the “comment” function. I must remember to log in so I can do that! At the time I was looking for these plugins, I was totally frustrated, and become accustomed to seeing notices that plugins weren’t being supported anymore. I’m glad to hear that you’re still working on yours! The CCLicense Plugin worked great for me, thanks for your efforts.

    RE: All rights Vs. Some rights – I’m sure that changing the verbiage isn’t even an option, since Creative Commons main goal is sharing under certain circumstances. My comment regarding this issue was more of a personal rant, than an expectation, or desire for anything to change on their end. ;)

    There are ‘splogs’ out there scraping my feeds, and it frustrates me to no end. I wish there was a way to keep our feeds available for their intended purposes (personal readers use), while blocking them from scripts that automatically post our feeds as blog entries. It would be a small step, yes… and I know that it wouldn’t stop the bad guys from stealing our content if they want it bad enough, but it would at least make me feel like I was putting a crimp in their activities.

    /rant lol

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