SEO, Drupal and WordPress. Oh my!

This is a busy time at my job, so all my concentration is currently devoted to web development in one way or another. I'm currently involved in projects involving SEO in Drupal, building a fully customized mobile responsive theme in WordPress, and … [Read more]

Self-Indulgence, or Brand Loyalty?

Normally, I post my random thoughts and minor rants to Facebook and/or Twitter. Today, I found myself thinking about something interesting and wondering what others thought, so by instinct (I suppose), I thought about posing a question on my wall... … [Read more]

PSD Ribbon Elements Freebies

In between projects, I try to learn something new. Lately I've been focusing on all of the new Adobe Creative Cloud programs I now have access to. Today, I decided to play around with Illustrator because of the tutorial I found over at … [Read more]

New(ish) URL shortner

I had no idea that Google offered it's own URL shortner... how did I miss this? Of course, there's even a Chrome extension for it. The only issue I can see, for some people, is that your click-through stats are public. Personally, I don't care … [Read more]

One step forward…

Tonight's project was originally to open Photoshop, and have some fun making Halloween graphics to share on Twitter and Facebook. I often make wallpapers, and other goodies to share with my friends. As often happens though, I found myself looking for … [Read more]

Jeweled Heart .psd Photoshop Resource

Sometimes it's just easier to collect, and use the .psd resources shared so freely by other talented graphic¬†artists. This is why I've tried to share as many resources as I think may be useful to others. The "Jeweled Heart" below is something I made … [Read more]